New Kingdom Symphony

by Tier Ensaam

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Is a little story about beings whom keep their faith overall and never give up. Also a reminder that we're part of Mother Earth, a being that the same can smile as much as can claim what is hers.

This new release is dedicated for all those who believe in love and go to fly hugged to a dream. But specially for the light in my way: my beloved Tiikeri.

Musically is the most complex and complete work ever. Many symphonic orchestration and I wanted to go beyond of what we've done before about composition. Took a long time since the last studio album but the lonely tiger is back!


released August 8, 2014

Music and Lyrics in all the songs by Carloz Glez
except in 8 melody by Sofy Glez and 11 music by Kaisa Pirttinen.

Art by Xe

TE is:
Benhur Burgos Concha - Lead Vocals
Kaisa Pirttinen - Composer and beta tester
Carloz Glez - Composer, songwriter, vocals and chorus
and who wants be part of this project.



all rights reserved


Tier Ensaam Mexico

Solitary musical project born in 2008. Carloz Glez' Tier Ensaam is a trail of heaven and hell thru symphonic metal, folk and ambient rhythms. Music is culture but still cannot be eaten. The earnings from our music are not for booze, drugs or being stupid, are just to feed and care all the kittens we've rescued from streets. ... more

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Track Name: Oberture - Warrior's Way
Track Name: Kingdom Come
Act I . Tigers

We were looking for a golden land
so far away from the wastelands
we were exiled, cursed and banned
just for not following their clans

No matter if there were people around
we always followed our way
we always knew it was not our home
the horizon has better heyday

And a song was the escape where we could find the trail to heaven
the price was high to pay but insanity helps to leaven
for those who wanna break the chains and get free of all sorrows
one day, a new kingdom will come, to free all our souls

Act II . Wise of Universe

Fly, fly crossing the seven seas
and go where the rainbows rise
don't be afraid and just follow your path
being happy is the reason of life

You don't need to give reasons to no one
if you are honest and loyal
leave all your sorrows and open your eyes
the time you were looking is now

You can't avoid being hurt but suffering is just an option
instead, forgiving will give you wings and faith will lead your notions
and you will know this life have more than a black and white colours
your soul, will be ready to join, to the holy adoption

And if you fail and fall
on the way from wastelands
so never give in and never give up
the past dies in behind!

Act III. Warriors

Come, welcome to this ship
and get ready to cross all the oceans
our dragons will take us thru the sky
finally we will be in the promised land

Now, the battle is over
and silence screams loud our names
the journey begins to return home
the sun heals our wounds in the way

Remember our fellows who fell in the war
they will be remaining in glory
as an anthem for them a loud roar
and golden names in our story

Now our people can be honoured
as much as we do it with Earth
we stay here just a little moment
astral way draws in the sky our rebirth

Remember our fellows who followed their fate
they will be remaining in pride
sisters and brothers time to celebrate
the new era and future is now

la lalalaa…

Act IV. Sacred Spirits

Don't be afraid by this foreign land
gods know there's some worth in your brands
this is your moment, your love and faith
will bring you to that heaven

Act V. Kalle's Reflections

Dark people and heartless beings
could call this just a fairytale
even those things can meet the love
opened are the gates of new kingdom

And a song was the escape where we could find the trail to heaven
finally this new land is able to hold us together
there's no more cages nor chains, instead so many hills and jungles
in the mountain tigers in love see how their new kingdom comes


Act VI. Epilogue

The light shines our destiny
new Era starts today
that flies beyond eternity

The stars are leading our way
no reason to return home
in the sky the full moon smiles
and legend is called "Kingdom Come"
Track Name: Tiikeri's Lullaby
Track Name: Where Dragons Fly
Track Name: Endless I. Icamna
Track Name: Endless II. Ina Makha
Track Name: Endless III. Omashte
Track Name: Endless IV. Wamakhashkan
Track Name: Felidae
Track Name: Life Maker
Track Name: Master's Journey